Raleighall -native of Jamaica, Queens is a music philanthropist. Crediting his success to opportunities offered by artist such as Darryl Douglas, Loris Holland, Jonathan Butler, Hezekiah Walker, Noel Pointer, Everton Bailey and Gordon Chambers.

Raleighall also attributes his expertise to collaborations with other songwriters and producers toward the following songs and their placements.

  • 1998 John Lennon Songwriting Contest Inspirational Song of the Year, Have Thine Own Way Raleighall and Connor Alexander
  • 2000 Anthem selected by the Olympic Publishing Commission,-Keep Holding On- Raleighall and Barry D.
  • 2001 NACAS Song of the year Award Winner (National Association of Christian Artists & Songwriters) We Bring Him Praise –Raleighall Connor Alexander
  •  2002 Billboard – Song Honorable Mention
  • 2010 USA Contest- Inspirational Song of the year, -More – Raleighall and Gordon Chambers,
  • 2011 Grammys entry on the nomination ballot in two categories -Keep Holding On, Raleighall and Barry D.
  • 2011-2015 Award winning songwriter by the U.S.A Song writing competition.Entrepreneur/C.E.O. of New York based, Music Production and Publishing House – Hallmarx Music Incorporated.

Raleighall managed Artists from Gospel to Jazz, R&B to Rock, directing careers on a national level

Finding employment at the world-renowned Apollo Theater, he has worked with Destiny’s Child, Wyclef Jean and SR-71 just to name a few.

Alongside of his writing credits Raleighall has worked film and t.v.. Early stages of working on the sound track of motion picture Beat Street directed by Harry Belafonte enticed him to work on films such as Law & Order, Ransom directed by Ron Howard, The Preachers Wife starring Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston, and The First Wives Club directed by Hugh Wilson. All insisted growth to be prepared when commissioned to write for a 2015 episode of Criminal Minds directed by Hanelle Culpepper. Highlights of working on set with Mervyn Warren and Lionel Richie directed by Penny Marshall, engendered a work ethic discipline of indomitable professional will, and personal humility fostering the next level of creativity.

Independently, Raleighall embarked upon a team of producers and writers excelling with the same chemistry and core values. Uniting with Kervens Lee, Matt Nobel, Gordon Chambers and Ian Holmes II, became a staff of a chord that resonated internationally through one song “More” ft. Ian Holmes II, (2013 American Idol finalist). This team strengthened the plight of working with artists worldwide.

  • Keep Holding On0:29

Capturing originality for that one-of-a-kind, unique sound.

Raleigh Hall

The collaboration of Immanuel

Music by Henry Key, Raleigh Hall, and Dennis Nelson
Lyrics: Raleigh Hall and Tunicia Lashawn
Drums: Christopher Gomez
Strings: Danielle Turano
Keys: Dennis Nelson
Piano: Henry Key
Bass: Lino Gomez
Horns by Craig Crawford Players – Craig Crawford, David Russell, Jamiek Potter
Arranged by Craig Crawford and David Russell
Backup Vocals: Maurice Johnson, Ian Holmes II and Angel Mckenzie
Marxmen Vocals Background: Omari Wilson, Taasia Abdullah, Shequoyan Wilson, Jah Wilson, Lavonne Jackson Wright, Tricia Gunter, Melissa Jackson, Kenya Sollas, Candice Quinoues, Jose Altidor, Kimberly Holmes, Reverend K. Holmes, Larry Felder  
Tune written/ produced in 2013 by Henry Key and Raleigh Hall, Tunicia Lashawn and Dennis Nelson.
Produced by Dennis Nelson, Raleigh Hall, and Henry Key.
Engineered by: Mark Law of a Bloody Good Recording Company, :pnng Island City, NY 
Mastered by: Arnold Mischkulnig at Chopshop Studio , NYC
Immanuel features the iconic voice of Ian Holmes II with the pop flavor of Michael Jackson making the song a timeless classic, The assembly of artist united  illustrating a powerful orchestration of dynamic  backgrounds  This song shares the gospel of the invitation to come to Christ. From his birth in the manger to man to majesty. To experience a life of salvation.

Immanuel is uplifting and upbeat and Word- edifying.   Without a doubt you will know God is with us

Electrifying strings by Danielle

Steller award nominee Craig CrawfordWith his Michael Jackson/ iconic pop feel of M.J (the one and only) 


Raleighall has signed with RJC Productions/ Sony Gospel Inspirations for the 2016 Release of ”Immanuel” and “Keep Holding On”.

Hallmarx Music Group’s Artists United project for 2017 release features compilations of songs and productions written by Dennis Nelson Babbie Mason, Rodger Holland, Ian Holmes, Leno and Michelle Gomez, Henry Key, Raleigh Hall and Tunicia LaShaun.

Raleighall serves the community at large as he launches an Auditory Academy of Marxmen facilitating a place to exercise their talents and gifts. Committed to interns and novice learning the mechanics of the business of music and the responsibility to making Hit music with integrity produces quality in house songwriters and producers developing and publishing songs for artist, film, source and sync placements. Raleighall’s musical journey will continue to be an endowment to the artist he works with, the listeners worldwide, and most importantly to the Audience of One.